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Frequently Asked Questions about CRCA Membership

Q: How Do I Join?
A: Applying for membership is a quick, online process. There are several membership categories available, each with corresponding dues rates. Click here to apply for membership.

Q: What does membership include?
A: Membership in CRCA includes:

  • Peer-to-peer networking opportunities and access (online and in-person once it is safe to do so)
  • Regional CRCA one-day events (once it is safe to do so)
  • Priority registration access and discounts to the Chef to Chef Conference
  • Exclusive members-only content and tools
  • Dedicated monthly association newsletters
  • Subscriptions to Club + Resort Business and Club + Resort Chef as well as our weekly Club + Resort Chef enewsletter
  • Closer access to our editorial team with opportunities to be featured
    • Club + Resort Talks Podcasts
    • Auto-Fire Video Series
    • Master Class Video Series
    • Virtual Cooking Competitions
    • Print issues
    • Blogs
  • Access to free product sampling programs from association sponsors

Q: I'm a General Manager. Why should my chef join CRCA?
A: We started the Club + Resort Chef Association (CRCA) in January 2020, as a way to continue the networking between the unique group that gathers at our annual Chef to Chef Conference. And while the world has changed dramatically since we launched the association, our mission to help club chefs stay connected year-round, sharing challenges and successes, certainly hasn’t. If anything, the need for the association has only intensified, and we have continued to push forward and gain momentum.

This has been an unprecedented year as we all face new challenges dictated by the pandemic. But that’s exactly why it’s critical to stay connected and informed about the changing landscape, so you can help to keep your staff and members safe and satisfied.

Q: I'm a club chef. Why should I join CRCA?
A: As a chef, you want to continually grow your culinary skillset and your food-and-beverage operation. One of the best ways to do that is to join the Club + Resort Chef Association, which will provide you with even more opportunities to benefit from the targeted content, educational resources and networking value that our magazines, websites and events provide.

CRCA is dedicated to providing its members with all of the resources they need to run their operations efficiently and cost-effectively, while still maximizing member and guest satisfaction.

Here are four specific reasons why you should join CRCA:

  1. Expand your network with like-minded culinarians
    Club chefs represent a unique segment of foodservice. You are not directly competitive with one another, so you can crowd-source challenges with colleagues from across the industry. CRCA connects club chefs with one another to build relationships and share ideas and best practices.
  2. Connect with—or become—a mentor
    CRCA is flush with members at every stage of their career, from junior culinarians through Certified Master Chefs. No matter where you are in your careers, CRCA has members who are both not as far, and much further, in their career journeys. With such a wide spectrum of talent and experience represented, CRCA offers an excellent chance for mentorship—either as a mentor or as a mentee.
  3. Club-Specific Continuing Education Opportunities
    Most industry associations offer educational opportunities, but only CRCA offers club-specific content, committees and events that can help you become a stronger culinarian and problem-solver.
  4. Keep Your Finger on the Pulse of Industry Trends
    There is one thing you can guarantee in the food-and-beverage business—trends are constantly changing. By joining CRCA, you will be better able to stay on top of the trends that will keep your clubs front-of-mind as a preferred dining choice for members and guests.

Any of the points listed above are reason enough to consider joining CRCA. But when you put them all together, they form the most important reason to join: Membership can help you, and your club, gain a competitive advantage.